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This is the end written by noxene, 2008-12-22 00:26 CET (1 comments)

1. Quetz
2. cYmoZz
3./4. noxene / ij1

Final MVD [quake3duel.eu]

other demos coming soon

Participants are encouraged to upload their demos in the relative forum thread [quake3duel.eu]

use the Upload Attachment forum feature as stated in the previous post
or send back a rapidshare [rapidshare.com]- filefront [filefront.com]- megaupload [megaupload.com] link

all collected demos will be publicly availables here [quake3duel.eu]

*UPDATE* Today is the day written by noxene, 2008-12-21 10:29 CET (0 comments)

*Updated servers list

19.00 | Check-In, Brackets creation
19.30 | Cup starts
21.00 | Quarter Finals
22.15 | Semifinals
23.30 | Final

olymp.sh.cvut.cz:27970 - Quake.cz GTV-Krytie TV1 (thx legie :3)

Every player have to record demos + save end-game screenshots
to do so just set this command in your cfg
cg_autoaction 6
Score Updating
After every stage, players (both winners and losers) have to reply to this
forum thread [quake3duel.eu]
with their screenshots (registration is immediate, no email/visual confirmation)

Use the Upload Attachment board feature (below the post subject)

Demos will be requested the day after

CPMA CQ3 1v1 Cup December 21st written by noxene, 2008-12-13 14:55 CET (2 comments)

quake3duel.eu [quake3duel.eu] is proud to announce its first cup

Date: Sunday December 21st @ 19:30 CET
Mod: CPMA 1.46 [quake3duel.eu]
Client: CNQ3 1.43 [quake3duel.eu] *optional
Gameplay: Chocolate Quake 3 - CQ3 (changelog) [quake3duel.eu]
/callvote gameplay cq3
/callvote mode cq3dm
Type: Best of three (bo3) Single elimination
Max players: 32

1. pukka4 [quake3duel.eu] - screens [lvlworld.com]
2. pukka2 [quake3duel.eu] - screens [lvlworld.com]
3. reqtourney1 [quake3duel.eu] - screens [lvlworld.com]
4. cht3 [quake3duel.eu] - screens [lvlworld.com]
5. jul22 [quake3duel.eu] - screens [lvlworld.com]

Register an account and sign up @ www.cup.quake3duel.eu [cup.quake3duel.eu]
Check-in 30 minutes before the cup start (i.e. @ 19.00 CET)
by logging on the site and pressing the chek-in button

Players have also to be present in #quake3.duel on QuakeNet during the cup.

1. pw yeah
2. pw yeah
3. pw yeah
4. pw keksfabrik
5. pw keksfabrik
6. pw suxxor
7. pw senpai
8. pw q3cup

Those servers have all the required maps
(for fisrt srv thanks n1ping, for second till seventh thanks KekS ;o for ninth thanks cymozz)

If any other server admin would help, please contact me.
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